भारतीय सांख्यिकीय संस्थान

Indian Statistical Institute

North-East Centre at Tezpur

Prof. Balakrishnan Ramakrishnan
Designation:Professor & Head
Email: ramki [at]
IP-Phone: 7011 & 7016

Area of Interest: Automorphic forms - Number theory.                      

Dr. Holendro Singh Chungkham
(On Academic Leave at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University.)
Designation:Associate Professor
Email: holendrosingh [at]
IP-Phone: 7008
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Research Interests: My broad area of research is the empirical investigation in Social Epidemiology. Specially, I work in the area to understand the casual effect of psychological work characteristics and their pathways to some health outcomes (eg. mental health). The empirical research questions have been answered through the applications of Statistical models like, marginal structure, GEE, multilevel, SEM, mediation and moderation etc. to longitudinal data sets.

At present I'm working in the estimation of healthy and chronic disease-free life expectancies using multistate life table approach in relation to some psychosocial work characteristics using multi-cohort logitudinal data sets from four European countries.

Mridu Prabal Goswami
Designation:Assistant Professor
Email: mridu [at]
IP-Phone: 7010
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Research Interests: Social Choice Theory, Auction Theory.                                              

Sanjit Maitra
Designation:Assistant Professor
Email: sanjit [at]
IP-Phone: 7014
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Area of Interest: Remote Sensing, Image Analysis and Interpretation.                            

Dr. Darpa Saurav Jyethi
Designation:Assistant Professor
Email: darpa [at]
IP-Phone: 7015
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Area of Interest: Environmental Sciences, Aerosol Characterization:Health and Climate Implications.                

Dr. Kushal Banik Chowdhury
Designation:Assistant Professor
Email: kush.kolkata [at]
IP-Phone: 7017
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Area of Interest: Macroeconometrics, Time Series Modeling, Panel Data Analysis.                

Dr. Saurabh Trivedi(On lien to IIT Goa)
Designation:Assistant Professor
Email: saurabh [at]
IP-Phone: 7013
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Area of Interest: My main area of research is Theory of Singularities. I am currently working on Lipschitz geometry of singular spaces and mappings, stratifications and o-minimal structures. I am also interested in Machine Learning and Data Science.