भारतीय सांख्यिकीय संस्थान

Indian Statistical Institute

North-East Centre at Tezpur

Name Dr. Sanjit Maitra
Area of Interest Remote Sensing, Image Analysis and Interpretation
Email Id
IP-Phone No. 7014

Name Dr. Vishal Mehta
Area of Interest Sampling Theory and Statistical Inference
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IP-Phone No. 7013

Name Dr. Raj Bhawan Yadav
Area of Interest Topology, Geometry, Analysis
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IP-Phone No. 7012

Name Dr. Darpa Saurav Jyethi
Area of Interest Environmental Sciences, Aerosol Characterization:Health and Climate Implications
Email Id
IP-Phone No. 7015

Name Dr. Athe Ramesh
Area of Interest Statistical Methods and Clinical Trials
Email Id
IP-Phone No. 7016

Name Dr. Kushal Banik Chowdhury
Area of Interest Macroeconometrics, Time Series Modeling, Panel Data Analysis
Email Id
IP-Phone No. 7017